Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad blogger! +'good things'

Excuses, excuses. I know, it is pointless to explain away absences, so I will not. Instead, I will talk about 'good things' that might interest all the foodies out there--yes, all two of you who are reading along...

In order to get the catering company up and running this past week, I needed some serious tools to assist in feeding 20 + people lunch. More about that later. After checking out one small company and enroute one of the big, national restaurant supply store, I stopped at a Yellow page find (new and used--yes!) called Crown restaurant supply (58th and 4th street SE, just east of Chinook).

It was like walking into a dream. Clean, bright and the first thing I laid eyes on was a full-sheet baking pan for $9.95. Yay! I love sheet pans and use them every day. Then pots and pans and spoons, oh my, and I hadn't even stepped foot in the used/auction items in the back warehouse. If you need a barely-used chest freezer or a small bar fridge for your basement, this is your place.

I will be going back.

Regarding the lunch, it was a huge hit. The smell of garlic and lime and cilantro, mixed with coconut milk lured everyone into the staff lunch room and all was well. I just need to get them some proper knives....Next week it is sausage and lentil stew with no-knead bread, mixed green salad and something for dessert. Lucky teachers!

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