Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Imagine Christmas dinner for 45 people...

...it's catering hell! I know, I know, I wanted to do this, but after a pretty soft roll-out of pizza, pasta, soup and no-knead bread, this turkey-with-all-the-trimmings plus ham and dessert is a bit much!

The logistics alone have almost required a spreadsheet (I definitely need a second fridge, since the garage is not reliable) and a second slow cooker or an induction element (for the stockpot alone!) could be in the picture. I can see a trip to Crown restaurant supply in my future.

Pictures may follow, if I remember the camera!

ps--Now that I am not employed at a certain cookware store, I can tell you that I just picked up a 5 qt. cast iron enameled dutch oven (oval, so I can do 2 batches of NK bread at once) for $90. Substantial savings and made in France, so it is all good.

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