Monday, December 21, 2009

'twas the week before Christmas

Ugh. As in, that was one ugly week.

After the dessert-for-40 morning came the day of prep for the lunch-for-40. Everything was smooth sailing, because, hey, I just did this two days ago! That is, until I drove to the site...I wasn't even driving quickly--hey, I had plenty of time!--and I heard something knock over in the back of the van. Hmm. Then I heard dripping liquid. Sheer panic gripped my insides like I have never felt before, and I have panicked plenty in my life. As I was only 2 blocks from my destination, I figured I may as well see what happened when I got there.

No big deal, as knives and utensils clattered to the icy driveway! The turkey roaster managed to tip itself into the proper insert that held the rest of the turkey. If only the rest of the day went that smoothly.

Lost gravy (there are no words right now), chafing dish Sternos that refuse to stay lit (" Umm, the vegetables are getting cold"), worried looks from the hosting principal, a "Dr." one, no less, and the assistant that was supposed to help me did not get back to me, so I was relying on the kindness of strangers to make the punch.

I am looking forward to Christmas dinner when it is only 13 of us.

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